Not Forgotten 

This project is very important to the 'Friends', as it is our intention to record each headstone, allowing us to identify individuals buried in the Cemetery, including details of their families, occupations and addresses (where possible).


Are you able to supply a short piece about your relatives or friends who are interred here? Do you have photographs and any other relevant information? If so, we would love to add them to our records.


Please contact us.


Mary Newton

Mary Newton's headstone was the first stone to be erected in this cemetery.

To read more about Mary, click on the image.

John Kilby

John lived with his parents in Stocking Fen from the 1861 Census.


To read more about John, click on the image.

Sarah Garton

The 1871 Census shows Sarah living in Mill Street, Wistow.

To read more about Sarah, click on the image.

Elizabeth Ann Potts

Elizabeth Ann, the beloved wife of John Potts, who died December 23rd, 1920.


To read more about Elizabeth, click on the image.

George Clement

In the 1851 Census, George and Mary were living in New Drove, Great Raveley.


To read more about George, click on the image.

Harold Bowyer

Harold was the fourth son of Nun and Elizabeth Bowyer of 43 Field Terrace, Ramsey.


To read more about Harold, click on the image.

Alfred Neville Swearer

Alfred was the local undertaker for many years.


To read more about Alfred, click on the image.

Marjorie Rose Guist

Marjorie was born in 1916 to Rose and Thomas Bufton.


To read more about Marjorie, click on the image.

Florence Rose Saunders

Florence lived in the Avenue, Ramsey.

To read more about Florence, click on the image.

William Johnson

According to the 1861 Census, William was living in Great Whyte, Ramsey.

To read more about William, click on the image.

Kezia Rose

In the 1891 Census it shows that Kezia, born in  Ramsey, was living with her husband.


To read more about Kezia, click on the image.

Elizabeth Gratrix

The 1841 Census shows that Elizabeth was living in Little Whyte, Ramsey.


To read more about Elizabeth, click on the image.

Andrew Newton

During his life, Andrew lived on the High Street, Ramsey.

To read more about Andrew, click on the image.

Thelma Maycock

Thelma, born 1928, was the daughter of Cyril and Minnie Butcher.

To read more about Thelma, click on the image.

Effie & Arthur Rayment

Arthur and Effie Blanche Rayment (nee Asbridge). 

To read more about Effie and Arthur, click on the image.

Irene Emma Taylor

Irene spent her childhood in Ramsey Forty Foot.


To read more about Irene, click on the image.

Golden Everitt

Golden was re-united wife.


To read more about Golden, click on the image.

Rose May Bufton

Rose was born in 1891 to Sarah Matilda Seekings.

To read more about Rose, click on the image.

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